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506 8414 7264

Dr. Overman is available globally via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and other platforms as needed.

Dr. Rick L. Overman

Licensed Psychologist

Certified Jungian Analyst

I have been helping others achieve healthier, happier, more meaningful lives and more satisfying relationships for over 30 years. My extensive professional training and warm caring personal style can help you resolve unsuccessful life patterns, 

and deepen your creative or spiritual journey.


Our current life problems reflect not only unresolved issues from the past but also provide invaluable information about what blocks the successful unfolding of our future. Our most difficult experiences and painful symptoms are guides to the next step in life. Healing solutions are found through opening a dialogue between our life goals and the problems that keep us from those goals. Our entire life story is the raw material of this work. This includes outer events and relationships, our inner beliefs, feelings and attitudes, as well as the neglected information available to us through dreams (which often symbolize both the essence of our problems and the perspectives and actions needed to transform them).


My approach is practical, integrative and holistic. Knowing what treatment is most effective for the unique person you are with your specific problems under your particular set of circumstances is more important than adhering to any predetermined therapeutic technique or theory. My approach is guided foremost by my post doctoral training and certification in Jungian psychology and analysis, a method that pays special attention to the totality of the psyche and psychological factors that operate outside our conscious awareness. I have also had extensive training and experience with many other successful,  evidence based methods, including cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, experiential,  family systems, solution focused and mindfulness based approaches. I also integrate into my way of helping others, my life long interest and study in traditional spiritual psychologies and traditions, most predominantly Buddhism and Dzogchen.

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