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Dr. Overman has extensive experience and qualifications in the following:

Jungian psychotherapy and analysis

Jungian psychotherapy/analysis is a way of working with life issues first developed by C. G. Jung. This approach stresses the importance of working with the unconscious and views symptoms not just as problems to be gotten rid of but as keys to understanding the process which will lead to resolution, transformation and individuation. Life patterns, relationships, dreams, body symptoms and synchronistic events are also part of the raw material of the process. There is no definitive distinction between psychotherapy and analysis but psychotherapy tends to be more problem focused and time limited, whereas analysis is more open ended, in-depth and inclusive. Sessions are typically once or twice a week but may be as infrequent as biweekly or more depending on the needs and process of the individual. For a summary of research on the effectiveness (evidence base) of the Jungian approach please see

Dreamwork/Dream interpretation

While dreamwork is most productive within the context of ongoing psychological work,  Dr. Overman is available for one time or time-limited consultation for those having specific individual dreams or series of dreams that they would like assistance with understanding.

Active imagination

Active imagination is a technique/process of working with dreams, body symptoms, synchronicities, etc. developed by Jung. This is the root foundation from which most all current expressive therapies have evolved.

Dream groups (Currently on hold during CoVid quarantine)

Dream groups provide a way of beginning dream work within a supportive community setting for those who are not ready or able to engage in individual psychological work. Using the basic framework for dream groups developed by Dr. Montagu Ullman, Dr.  Overman facilitates the group and members in the exploration of the significance of their dreams. Typically limited to small groups of about six.

Spiritual consultation/direction

Dr. Overman primarily approaches spiritual consultation/direction from Jung and Dzogchen's radically non-denominational perspective. Within this context he brings his own experience in meditation and spiritual practice.  A Christian perspective on this approach is perhaps best presented in John Sanford's book, Dreams: God's Forgotten Language.

Professional supervision and training, lectures, seminars

Dr. Overman provides consultation, training and supervision for mental health professionals/students. He is also available to present public lectures on both enduring and current topics.  


Dr. Overman provides help for:

Depression, sadness, loss of meaning

Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, fears/phobias

Relationship/sexual issues (kink aware)

Creative blocks/issues 

PTSD, fears and phobias 

Grief, loss, bereavement, approaching death

Addictive and compulsive behaviors

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